Weapons Training System

In the United States alone, there are well over 200 million privately owned firearms including more than 70 million handguns. Most civilian gun owners never practice or train with their weapons. If someone has a gun, and doesn't train or practice, in a crisis situation they are a danger to themselves and a danger to those around them.

The Beginner, like the professional, can safely practice and enhance their shooting skills at home, with friends, or in the office. Bullite training can take place almost anywhere, at anytime of your choosing.

Where to Test?

This is a common question, and we recommend that you contact your local gun range to find out about opportunities to test. We have had reviews come in that testing is available in major cities and states including Texas, Las Vegas, Florida, California, Phoenix, Rhode Island, and many more.


Weapons Training System

The Bullite is a laser bullet that fits into the chamber of your own gun and simulates live fire action. The Bullite training system comes complete with targets and a training video so that you can practise your shooting skills almost anywhere with your own weapon.

Law Enforcement Professionals – ‘Dry fire’ drills are more accurate as shooters get realistic feedback on where the bullet would have struck.

Bullite eliminates ‘flinching’, jerking the muzzle and other bad habits, meaning Police Departments can save money by emphasizing more Dry Fire than ever before without losing on the quality of training.

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