The Bullite

The Bullite is designed for use in classic "Draw and Fire" drills and will be especially useful while you practice acquiring a good sight picture prior to squeezing the trigger. Training with a Bullite, is especially effective in treat classic "flinching" and "trigger slapping" habits; and in re-integrating proper technique. Bullite Training is absolutely safe for the whole family as long as you rigorously follow basic firearm safety procedures. The Bullite is the perfect way to teach all the members of the family who are responsible enough to handle a weapon. However, the Bullite is for use in a real weapon, and should only be used by those that can be trusted with a real weapon.

The laser is about as bright as a commercial red laser pointer or the CTC Laser Grips. It shows up well on my plain white walls, and is highly visible even indoors with some sunlight on the supplied reflective targets. The targets will show some red light anytime the laser is close, and will reflect back even more light when struck directly. Since I’m sure some of you are wondering, yes, the laser is visible on your TV. The laser transmission rods require no modification to be used in your firearms and are carefully designed to do no damage to the barrels. These marksmanship training systems provide for the creation of your own private shooting range for your handgun, rifle, or even shotgun! All of our systems provide excellent training for accuracy, speed, and muscle memory. You also save a lot of money on ammunition while still being able to maintain your handgun training.


Is a Bullite laser training bullet dangerous?
No, it is not. Small hand-held laser devises can be potentially dangerous if a constant stream of laser light is pointed directly at the eyes of a bystander. The Bullite emits a precise 40 mls (millisecond) laser pulse. Bullite cannot be switched "on," and therefore cannot beam a constant stream of laser light. Bullite is not a risk to the eyes if used in a normal and appropriate manner.

If I am a beginner, how do I start?
First and foremost, study carefully all the safety instructions. We urge you to watch a safety instructional video. After removing the ammunition magazine and verifying that your firearm is unloaded, rack the slide back and lock the slide stop. Using your thumb and index finger, carefully take hold of the case and insert the laser round into the firearm's chamber, rubber firing pin towards the rear of the gun. Release the slide stop and let the slide drop. You are now ready to rock and roll. Every time you pull the charged trigger, a visible red pulse will strike the spot where your bullet would have hit.


Weapons Training System

The Bullite is a laser bullet that fits into the chamber of your own gun and simulates live fire action. The Bullite training system comes complete with targets and a training video so that you can practise your shooting skills almost anywhere with your own weapon.

Law Enforcement Professionals – ‘Dry fire’ drills are more accurate as shooters get realistic feedback on where the bullet would have struck.

Bullite eliminates ‘flinching’, jerking the muzzle and other bad habits, meaning Police Departments can save money by emphasizing more Dry Fire than ever before without losing on the quality of training.

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